Roberts Printing wins 17 awards at the 2015 Florida Print Awards!

Every year the Printers Association of Florida (PAF) recognizes students, companies and organizations awards for the creation or production of printed communications. The competition promotes excellence in the industry, as well as recognizes those who produced the best in print media.


This year, Roberts Printing received 17 awards at the conference!

“We are so grateful and proud,” said President Bob “RT” Davis of Roberts Printing. “Dedication and team work is the driving result of winning these rewards. We all work hard to make sure we provide the best quality in our industry, and it’s nice that my entire team receives recognition for what we do. We all are very honored.”


Best of Category

  Digital Printing

  Art Reproduction
(4+ colors)
(2 awards, 1 trophy winner)

Posters / Signs

Pocket Folders
(Special Application)

Brochures & Broadsides

Perfect Bound Booklets over 6″ x 9″

(Announcements & Invites)

Awards of Excellence

Perfect Bound Booklets over 6″x9″ w/Special Application

Annual Reports – 4+ colors

Pocket Folders – 4+ colors

Presentation Kits
(Overall Content)

(Perfect Bound over 6″x9″)

Judges Award

Perfect Bound Booklets over 6″x9″ w/Special Application

(Announcements & Invites)

Saddle Stitched Booklets over 6″x9″ w/Special Application
(2 awards)