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Save Money on Postage Just By Using QR Codes

Are you a marketing professional looking to boost the success of your direct mail campaigns while also saving money? Look no further! We have an exciting opportunity that will enhance your marketing efforts and help you achieve remarkable results – the USPS Emerging  and Advanced Technology Promotion. You can save 3% on the cost of shipping your marketing mail just by adding a QR code! Don’t miss out on this chance to maximize marketing budget and drive conversion.

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The USPS Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion

To participate in the USPS Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion, your mail piece must contain a mobile print technology such as QR codes or digital watermarks. Today, we will be focusing purely on QR codes leading to Mobile Shopping experiences. (We’ll dive into the benefits of using QR codes in mail advertisements and share best practices for implementation in a bit!)

The QR code should lead to a complete mobile-optimized website when scanned on a mobile device that allows users to complete a purchase directly related to the mail piece message. The minimum size requirement for the mobile print technology is 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch, accompanied by directional copy of the same size or larger as the primary marketing message. Pop-ups on landing pages are allowed as long as users can easily exit out. It’s important to note that certain activities, such as making online payments for prior purchases or downloading deals or coupons, are not eligible for this promotion.

You’ll want to take advantage of this now because the promotion ends November 30, 2023. Roberts is more than happy to help you get started! For more detailed information and specific requirements, please visit

Unleashing the Power of QR Codes in Direct Mail

QR codes have become a popular tool for bridging the gap between offline and online marketing. These scannable codes provide a seamless way for customers to interact with your brand, offering instant access to valuable information or experiences. Let’s take a look at some key benefits of using QR codes in your mail advertisements:

  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: QR codes create an interactive experience that captures your audience’s attention. By encouraging customers to scan the code, you invite them to take a deeper dive into your brand, products, or promotions.
  2. Tracking and Analytics: QR codes allow you to track user engagement and gather valuable insights about your target audience. You can monitor scan rates, conversion rates, and even link clicks, providing you with data-driven feedback to optimize your marketing efforts.
  3. Seamlessly Connect Offline and Online Experiences: QR codes bridge the gap between print and digital media. By incorporating them into your direct mail campaigns, you make it easy for recipients to access your website, landing pages, online stores, or social media platforms directly from their smartphones.

direct mail postcard with QR code

Best Practices for Implementing QR Codes in Direct Mail

  1. Clear and Concise Instructions: Provide recipients with clear instructions on how to scan the QR code and what they can expect after scanning. Consider using a call-to-action like “Scan to unlock exclusive offers” or “Scan for more information.”
  2. Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages: Make sure the landing page or destination URL your QR code leads to is optimized for mobile devices. Ensure that the page is responsive, loads quickly, and delivers a seamless user experience.
  3. Value-Driven Content: Offer something of value to users when they scan your QR code. It could be an exclusive discount, a sneak peek of new products, access to gated content, or the opportunity to participate in a contest or giveaway.
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing Design: Incorporate the QR code seamlessly into your mail advertisement design, ensuring it complements the overall aesthetics. Customize the QR code with your brand colors or logo to make it more visually appealing.

The USPS Emerging Technology Promotion is an incredible opportunity for businesses to save on shipping costs while leveraging the power of emerging technologies in their direct mail campaigns. Don’t wait too long, as this promotion ends on November 30th, 2023. By incorporating QR codes into your mail advertisements, you can enhance customer engagement, track user behavior, and seamlessly connect offline and online experiences.

Don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage of these savings and elevate your direct mail campaigns. Contact Roberts today to get started on a mail campaign that incorporates the USPS Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion. Together, we’ll maximize your marketing efforts and drive success before the promotion ends.