omnichannel marketing for political candidates, political direct mail

Get up to a 46% lift in your political direct mail response rates for only pennies per mail piece!

OmniTrack® offers an all-encompassing omni-channel marketing solution tailored specifically for the political industry. Our cutting-edge technology not only tracks the effectiveness of your direct mail but also amplifies your campaign results through seamless integration with digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Here are the 10 Game-Changing Technologies We Can Integrate with Your Direct Mail:

1. Social Match

Social Match revolutionizes political direct mail by matching your mailing list to Facebook and Instagram user accounts. Now, your targeted constituents will not only receive your mail piece but also encounter the SAME message in their social media newsfeeds, creating a powerful multi-channel impact before, during, and after the mail reaches their mailbox.
political social media ad

2. Mail Tracking

Gain unparalleled insights into your political direct mail delivery process with Mail Tracking. Similar to package tracking, you’ll have real-time visibility on mail projection and delivery, eliminating guesswork and enabling strategic marketing triggers based on mail delivery milestones.
track political direct mail

3. Informed Delivery®

Harness the power of USPS’s Informed Delivery® to provide recipients with a digital preview of their scheduled mail. This feature includes a grayscale image of the mail piece accompanied by a full-color ride-along ad, offering an additional touchpoint to drive campaign conversions for your political agenda.
informed delivery for political mail

4. QR Codes

Drive engagement and track responses to your political direct mail with static or personalized QR Codes. Our custom reporting dashboard provides comprehensive scan data insights, allowing you to optimize your campaign strategies effectively.
political postcard with QR code

5. Call Tracking & Text Tracking

Get live updates and recordings of every call received from your direct mail campaign. Engage with voters via SMS to enroll in marketing follow up or deliver valuable content. View full demographic information on your call and text respondents including name, address, caller id, location, device type, age, gender and more.
political call tracking, political SMS tracking

6. District Targeting

Maximize your political impact by targeting constituents within your voting district across Google and Social Media platforms. Our segmentation strategies identify the highest probable voters based on parameters such as congressional district codes, age, and gender.

7. Social Media Follow-Up

Did you know that 90% of people who are interested will go to your website to learn more? By displaying ads to unique website visitors in their social media newsfeeds, you can reinforce your political message and drive conversions effectively.
political social media ad

8. YouTube Ads

Display video ads right before or while your prospective voters watch the newest video from their favorite YouTube channel. This is a perfect way to gather additional impressions and get your message across!
political youtube ad

9. Demand Generation

Generate demand for your political agenda by serving video and image ads across various Google feed environments, including YouTube, Gmail, and Google Discover. Expand your reach and engage with potential voters where they spend their digital time.

10. LEADMatch

Eliminate the guesswork surrounding the effectiveness of your political direct mail campaign with LEADMatch. This innovative tool enables you to track and record website visitors resulting from your mailing efforts, AND mail to unique visitors who came to your website who weren’t on your mailing list!
track website visitors for political campaign

With OmniTrack’s comprehensive suite of technologies, achieving unprecedented success in your political direct mail campaigns has never been easier or more cost-effective. Experience the difference today and elevate your political outreach to new heights! Contact Roberts today to discuss your printing needs and let us help you make a lasting impression on voters. Give us a call at 727.442.4011 or fill out the contact form below and one of our Solutions Specialists will reach out to you shortly.