OmniTrack is a direct mail technology using omnichannel marketing techniques

Combining direct mail with today’s digital technologies will put you ahead of the curve!

What is OmniTrack?

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OmniTrack combines direct mail with Google, Facebook & Instagram, and online tracking through an easy to use web interface.

OmniTrack is a seamlessly integrated system that maximizes your marketing impact beyond anything else you’ve tried. OmniTrack uses omnichannel marketing to incorporate your direct mail piece with online advertising and social media. It also gives you an online dashboard where you can track your mailing, impressions and phone calls in a user friendly interface. Using the latest technologies to deliver your message across multiple channels will drive even more qualified leads and revenue.

Seven great features that all tie in with your direct mail campaign: SocialMatch, Mail Tracking, Informed Delivery, Call Tracking, Google Online Follow-up Ads, Targeted Facebook & Instagram Follow-up Ads, and LeadMatch.

How it Works

OmniTrack SocialMatch


Step: 1

We take your mail list and match it to social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram. We or your designer create an ad and start running impressions prior to your direct mail piece in-home date.

What is SocialMatch?

Increase your conversion rates by maximizing exposure to your mailing list. We pre-match your mail list to social media accounts and deliver your ads to those people before, during, and after your mailing. This helps your target market familiarize themselves with your brand before the mail hits and before they even visit your website.

(Ad graphics must be completed 4 days prior to mail drop date.)

OmniTrack MailTracking

Mail Tracking

Step: 2

Once your list has been processed we upload it into your dashboard so you can see predicted dates as well as who your mail was delivered to and when.

What is Mail Tracking?

Track your mail pieces in real time and know when all your mail is delivered. View and export tracking reports right down to the city, state and zip codes, as well as individual addresses. Export a list of all mail pieces that were not scanned at the post office. Fully integrated Google map in the customer dashboard to view all delivered mail piece locations.

OmniTrack Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery

Step: 3

On the day prior to receipients receiving your mail piece if subscribed to Informed Delivery they will receive an email with a full color clickable ad that will take them to your designated web page.

What is Informed Delivery?

Increase your ROI by putting your direct mail campaign in both the digital world and physical world simultaneously. Did you know 41 million people have signed up for Informed Delivery? Over 86% of these people check their Informed Delivery emails/alerts daily.

(Additional charges may apply for mailings under 2000 pieces.)

OmniTrack Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Step: 4

Prior to designing your mail piece we will work with you to pick a local or toll-free number for your campaign. Every call that comes in will be tracked and recorded.

What is Call Tracking?

You can’t guarantee your sales reps or receptionists will ask “How did you hear about us?”, but you can know exactly who calls as a result of your mail campaign with Call Tracking. In the client dashboard you will see full demographic data on callers with a visually stunning display isolating each caller on Google Maps. Listen to recorded incoming calls securely to review how the caller was handled by your team.

(Designated number will be provided for you to add to your mail piece design.)

OmniTrack Online Follow-Up

Online Follow-Up

Step: 5

When one of your direct mail leads visits your website we assign a unique cookie to their browser. Your new leads will be funneled into Google’s Display Network and visitors will start seeing your online ads around the internet after they leave your site.

What is Online Follow-Up?

Repetition is key to effective marketing as 80% of sales are made between the 8th to 12th contact. Per Google Analytics, 96% of visitors will leave your site without taking action. Re-engage your website visitors with multiple online ad impressions using the same message from your mail piece. On average, 26%-42% of retargeted visitors will return to your website when viewing an online ad.

(Cookie must be added 4 days prior to mail in-home date.)

OmniTrack Social Media Follow-Up

Social Media Follow-Up

Step: 6

Your website gets assigned a unique Facebook pixel. When your visitor goes to your website a unique cookie is assigned to their browser which Facebook recognizes and retargets them with your campaign ad that has the same look/feel as your direct mail piece.

What is Social Media Follow-Up?

Social media ads have one of the highest click-through rates of any form of digital advertising. Did you know there are over 3 billion active users on Facebook and Instagram? 70% of people access social media daily. 43% visit multiple times per day. Re-engage your website visitors by reaching them with multiple social media ad impressions on their social newsfeeds. Increase your conversions by pairing your direct mail campaign with Facebook and Instagram.

(Pixel must be added 4 days prior to mail in-home date.)

OmniTrack LeadMatch


Step: 7

Track and record all website visitors as a result of your mailing and mail to website visitors who came NOT as a result of your mailing.

What is LeadMatch?

With LeadMatch, you can know who visited your website as a result of the mailing. Receive a list of who came to your website from the mailing list and what actions they took. Mail to unique visitors who came to your website who weren’t on your mailing list.

(Additional charges per lead applies.)

OmniTrack Logo

OmniTrack Info Sheets

Download and print any of our seven OmniTrack information sheets to keep on hand during your campaign.

Informed Delivery Flyer

SocialMatch Flyer

Mail Tracking Flyer

Call Tracking Flyer

Online Follow-Up Flyer

Social Media Follow-Up Flyer

LeadMatch Flyer

OmniTrack Case Studies

OmniTrack Case Studies

Download and print any of our case studies that show how effective your campaign can be when you use OmniTrack to enhance it.

Business Services – Coachability

Business Services – Greg H

Cleaning – DomesticAide

Construction – Nelson

Dental – McEachern

Education – Lakewood College

Insurance – Farmers Insurance


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OmniTrack pricing is very affordable! Roberts develops each OmniTrack campaign to conform to your business model. We will gladly provide you with a, “No obligation” price quote. For additional information and/or to set up a meeting, please submit your contact information below.

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