Examples of Levels of Customization

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This is a “one size fits all” marketing message. Your marketing message is “mass-produced” using conventional offset lithography or digital printing. Every customer will receive the same message, regardless of their relationship or profitability to your company.


This is the mailer you receive with your name personalized on the front cover, maybe again on the back cover with your address.  This will attract attention, but the marketing message is static and exactly the same for each and every customer, regardless of the market segment you’re targeting.


Segmented versions of a document are created to meet the needs of different groups. Your customer base is segmented according to demographic or other attributes, perhaps by a previously expressed interest. For example, investors could be segmented by age or long-term goals, or car owners segmented by the model they own, or geography could determine the version. Customized content is then delivered that best addresses the needs of each particular segment.


The ultimate application of direct marketing. Each document’s content is fully customized to be highly relevant and custom-tailored to a specific individual. A full color document is dynamically composed and everything in the document can be varied – the layout, text, and images can all be swapped depending on the customer’s direct response to either a PURL campaign or in house survey.