Direct Mail & Variable Data Printing

What is Variable Data Printing (VDP)?


VDP is also known as database-driven, personalized, or one-to-one marketing – VDP is a form of printing that allows you to produce customized printed documents by designating text and/or graphics that are then replaced using a database. One document is designed but, by using VDP, many uniquely personalized pieces are created and targeted to individuals and/or groups.

Why Does Variable Data Printing Deliver Higher Response Rates?


We live in a media-rich world where an over abundance of mail, e-mail, billboards, television, periodicals, and radio all compete for consumer attention. With consumers receiving thousands of various media per day, communication professionals are challenged to find more effective, efficient methods for breaking through the clutter to capture attention. Printing variable data mailers that are customized to your audience does just this. Grabs their attention and in return gives you a better response.

How does Variable Data Printing Work?


It’s easy. Each customer keeps a database for various reasons. Each field in your database is considered a variable point. Anything, even images that you’ve customized and saved for each demographic, can be tracked in your database. During printing, Roberts Printing will map your database to your artwork so this information is pulled and printed providing you a unique message for each customer.

What is the Quality like in Digital Printing?


When it comes to digital printing, the technology of digital presses can vary greatly resulting in different levels of quality. When you print your digital print projects with Roberts Printing, you can expect the product to look very similar to traditional offset printing presses. Our HP Indigo digital press uses an electroink CMYK process with the dot and rosette of traditional offset printing. The Igen, Nexpress, and Canon digital presses are all toner based processes. With the Indigo digital press, the ink reacts to the printing surface, just as it does in traditional offset printing, thus providing a print image that closely resembles the offset printing process, providing you with quality that you will find incomparable to other digital presses.

Why Digital Printing with Variable Data?


To grab your customers attention. Case studies have proven that personalized one-to-one messaging is capturing attention and increasing response rates by significant numbers!

Understanding different ways on personalizing your document is important. You can start with a basic type of personalization (name & address) or you can use other types of media to help mine your current database.